Clear And Detailed Reports
Each report undergoes a rigorous peer review process to ensure defensibility.

Future Care Costing Reports from Regulated Health Professionals

In any personal injury case, future care costs may represent the largest component of a claim. A great weight of importance is placed on any future care costing report, which is why CBA's reports are always detailed and clear. We are focused on communicating the nature of your client's disability and the residual functional limitations across his or her lifetime to establish all of the needs identified by the onset of that disability.

When preparing for any future care costing report, CBA will obtain relevant information from your client's medical records, consult with members of the treatment team, consider clinical practice guidelines, and synthesize findings with relevant evidence based literature. CBA will also take into account the clinical needs of your client's family and the realities of the geographic region in which your client resides.

Identify the Best Course of Care
for your Client

CBA will help to determine the nature of impairments and the best course of care and rehabilitation for the injured person initially and for the future through our many services.

CBA performs all services with precision and diligence. See a list of our services below:

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