Social Workers As Life Care Planners

Social Workers As Life Care Planners

Social workers have training in working with individuals and families to identify their needs and connect them with resources to improve their well-being. This training makes them well-suited to be certified life care planners. They can help individuals and families plan for long-term care, identify appropriate services, and coordinate care. They can understand the broader social and economic factors that may impact an individual’s ability to access care and support.

There are several benefits of having a social worker as a life care planner, including:

1. Expertise in identifying and addressing social, emotional, and practical needs: Social workers are trained to assess individuals’ needs and develop plans to manage them. This can include identifying resources for financial assistance, therapy, and other services that can help improve an individual’s quality of life.

2. Understanding of the healthcare system: Social workers understand how healthcare systems work at large and can navigate the system to help clients access the care and services they need.

3. Familiarity with community resources: Social workers have knowledge of community resources available to help clients with long-term care needs.

4. Empathy and support: Social workers are trained to empathize with clients and provide emotional support, which is essential in long-term care planning.

Overall, as life care planners, social workers can provide a holistic approach to long-term care planning by considering the social, emotional, and practical needs of the client and their family, as well as the available resources and the healthcare system, to provide the best care possible.


Jay Bierbrier RSW, MSW, CCLCP

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, & Canadian Certified Life Care Planner

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