The Role of a Life Care Planner in a Litigated Case

A life care planner is a health care professional with specific training and experience in future care costing. Many professionals choose to pursue accreditation in the area of life care planning and are certified by the International Commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC). The role of a life care planner is to be an educator to those involved in a litigated case, maintaining objectivity and neutrality. A life care planner must assess the injured client in context of their environment, disability and future care needs, drawing on the critical input of the client, their family, and the expertise of their treatment team. A life care planner will also incorporate relevant literature, clinical practice guidelines, and medical opinions.

The responsibility of the life care planner is to identify the nature of a client’s disability, functional limitations, and the effects of the client’s impairments to perform their pre-accident roles and activities of normal living. A life care planner must outline reasonable and necessary recommendations (and identify the associated costs) to fulfill a client’s needs over a lifetime and to assist the client’s efforts to reduce the effects of their disability to the greatest degree possible. Items within a life care plan are ‘needs based’ rather than restricted to collateral funding and insurance.

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