A Greater Need for Life Care Plans

Carol Bierbrier and Associates on the changes to SABS in June 2016

The new SABS present a number of challenges for our clients. For catastrophic impairment claims, there will be a new combined med/rehab and attendant care benefit of $1 million. The changes will significantly reduce the potential amount of benefits under the policy – leaving clients with fewer options for care.

Life Care Plans will play a vital role, more than ever, in determining the necessary med/rehab costs required to maximize a client’s independence. Effective resolution of claims will offer the client the ability to continue with essential treatment.

Life Care Plans will identify the likely course of disability, any associated health risks, and optimal prevention, treatment and mitigation measures. Each report takes into careful consideration the goals, needs and interests of the client, the needs of the family, and the realities of the geographic region in which the client resides.

Now more than ever, it is important to determine the present and future costs associated with impairment and disability in light of reduced benefits.

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